Download the Game

Please click on the Turbo Lode icon below to download the complete game:

Download the version 1.2 of TurboLode - Self installing EXE. (1.64 Mb). 
This version includes the whole game (software and OpenGL versions) plus the level editor. 
Download the version 1.2 of TurboLode - ZIP archive. (1.61 Mb). 
The same as above, in zip format. To install, just unzip into the folder of your choice. Don't forget to activate the keep folder names of your zip software !
Run LODESOFT.EXE for the game in software mode 
Run LODEOGL.EXE for the OpenGL version 
Run EDITOR.EXE for the Level Editor in software mode.
Run EDITOROGL.EXE for the Level Editor in OpenGL mode.
Run OGLNET.BAT for the network game (OpenGL mode) 
Run SOFTNET.BAT for the network game (Software mode)
Download the OpenGL to DirectX wrapper - ZIP archive. (275 Kb).
If you don't have an OpenGL accelerated graphic card, and if it handles Direct3D acceleration, you can try this small tool that will emulate all the OpenGL functions and transform them into DirectX calls. To install it, just extract the file opengl32.dll from this archive and put it into the Turbolode folder (at the same level than LODEOGL.EXE).
The emulation is not perfect, depending on your graphic card, but is sufficient. Particularly, the resize option of the game will loose all the textures until you restart the game.